Saturday, February 06, 2010

My life story … kinda… *grin*

This post was kinda inspired by one of the other WLC gals. It was a fun ‘break’ from my currently pressurized regular life to go through my old pics looking for suitable images to show my ‘progress’ over time.

Since young, I’ve always been on the lower end of the ‘average’ weight zone. Almost underweight but not. It was a case of I could eat as much as I wanted and nothing would get converted to ‘fat’. Lucky me huh?

This pic was taken in 1998. I was in my late teens. (yes, WLC gals.. I’m sooo much older than most, if not all, of you!!) At this point, I was about 55kg.


You’ve already seen a pic of me when I was on my honeymoon so here’s the next step in my ‘weight gain’ process.

I got PREGNANT! It was amazing how much weight I managed to put on… by the end of my first pregnancy, I’d added close to 20kg. It is to date, really my highest weight point – 78kg.

This pic was taken on my birthday… my first child arrived 9 days later. :P Anyone wanna say… moonface?? LOL!


And this is my after, complete with baby :D Can you tell I’m hiding my bulk? LOL! Weight point soon after this pic was about 70kg.


I’ve had two other kids since then and each time, I put on weight but managed to come back to the 70kg mark.. and I’m still there… even after almost a month of exercising.

Alright, so there’s no video this week. I’m just over my head with stuff… but… Cat’s challenge this week was to introduce a healthy dish.

Frankly speaking, I don’t cook. My husband does. I just eat… *big grin*

So here’s kinda what I’ve been eating for breakfast. Would that count as a dish Cat?

Cut up one fuji apple – I like them in thin slices
Cut up half a mango into cubes…
mix on a plate, sit in front of the computer and clear emails while snacking.

Til next week… :D