Sunday, January 24, 2010

WLC #2

First up, yes, I know… I haven’t posted in an entire week. Life seems to be like that. One week I’ve got free time to spare and the next, I’m swamped with life and work. Will try to do better.

Cat’s challenge this week was to post a picture that we liked about ourselves. While, this one that I chose was taken during my honeymoon… that was a happy time and lots of lovely memories.


In terms of weight, haven’t lost anything at all… want to be discouraged but I do know I’ve been doing my best given the time I have and I do feel I’m becoming physically stronger. So… guess I’ll just have to be patient a little more.

Exercise this week was about 20 stories/floors each day – split up into 10/5/5. Its 8 steps per flight and two flights per storey/floor. I don’t even wanna think how many steps I’m doing. LOL! Biked my kids around too… plus tried to take the stairs where it was available.

The plan for this week… ramp up my iGallop workout (at least 3x this coming week). Got hold of the VCD for that so will be following the workout session there. I seriously expect to ache by the time I’m done. Would really like to strengthen my core (aka abs!). Will continue with my 20 storeys a day and sporadic biking.

Will also try and do more posts this week… mustn’t slack too long :P


Lucy said...

Ahh so lovely that your favourite photo is from your honeymoon - where did you go? x

Frond said...

thanks Lucy for dropping by. We actually had 3 parts to our honeymoon. I know we were very blessed. This pic was taken in the outskirts of Tokyo. :)