Saturday, January 16, 2010

It Made My Day

One thing I like about SilkNaturals is how upfront and honest Karen is. She’s always ready to help with a difficult order and bends over backwards to agree to my complicated requests.

I love her perfecting powders and foundation and don’t see myself changing brands anytime soon.

With the recent disasters in Haiti, her warm heart has again made an appearance. Read what she has to say :

It's been a rough week for the people in Haiti. My heart goes out to the people who were effected by the earthquake, and I'd like to do something to help. something here. It could be anything- something that made your day, a little joke, something cute your kids said, that your husband did the dishes, maybe a favorite recipe. Anything at all is cool in my book as long as you keep it clean (something that you'd say to your grandmother is usually a good yardstick).

Between now and Sunday evening, for each person that posts to this thread Silk Naturals will donate $.50 to Doctors without Boarders. I'm capping it at $500- but we only have 800 or so forum members- so tell your friends! Call your sister, or your Mother, or your best friend- post it to your Facebook status- get the word out!

What made my day?? Lots of things- but I'm especially happy about a certain shipment I got today, and puppy kisses when I got home. Puppy kisses always make my day. And I got to visit my Mother, and talked to my sister!

So I dropped by the forum thread and posted this up :

- to have a loving hubby who insists that I sleep and rest when I'm feeling horrid
- to have a loving son who insists on accompanying me to a workshop just in case mummy needs my help
- to have loving kids who once I finally woke up to eat dinner, all gathered around the table with me. Telling me what they've been up to and hugging me
life just doesn't get much better when you're sick :D

Please just take a couple of minutes to do the same. It doesn’t cost you much but may help someone in Haiti a great deal.

Off to baby my poor nose and head… I hate being sick.


yoli said...

nice blog

Frond said...

thank Yoli.. dropping by yours now :)