Sunday, January 10, 2010

No makeup day?

Ever woken up in the morning… say on a lazy Saturday… and decided, “No, I won’t use any makeup today… “

Well, I did that this morning and then we decided to go out for lunch. Sigh…

Let me backtrack a little here. As the months have gone by recently, I’ve noticed more and more spots turning up on my face. You can call them age spots but I think they’re basically sun damage finally showing up after all these years. So my resolution for this year is actually to use my sunblock regularly as long as I’m headed out into the sun.

Back to today… given that we’re leaving house at 12 noon… I think I’m gonna see some sun. Don’t you? So off to my m/u zone I headed to put on some sunbock.

BUT once that goes on… I *have* to set it with some powder… and then I look so washed out… I *have* to add some blusher… then my eyes look so plain… I *have* to fill in brows and add some liner.

Sigh… there goes the no m/u day. LOL!

Anyways… played with my new MM liner in green today… haul post with swatches will go up probably tomorrow… so hold your questions. Answers will be coming! If you can believe it, its still not dry on my lids and its been about 5 mins. Sigh. Really don’t like this formulation *at all*

So here’s my uber duper plain eotd for today.

Face Powder
MM Perfect liquid liner in GR604
Inuovi brow pencil in cocoa

DSC08603 DSC08604

can you see how wet this liner is… sigh…

Used another new haul item on my cheeks. The Canmake blush that everyone seems to be raving about. I got the 05 shade. Used with a f/o brush with a slight dusting of SN’s Climax on top to set it.


k.. now i’m really running out the door! LOL!

*edited to add…. the smudge you see on the pics wasn’t on my eye… I looked after I posted and its not there. I’m guess there was a smudge on the camera lens? don’t really know :P