Monday, January 11, 2010

I am officially broke… (part 1)

Watsons… can I say that I hate your sales? the 20% off on makeup items is just so tempting even someone on a tight budget like myself can’t resist. Then to have them offer 20% off on Majolica Majorca for the first time ever… how on earth could I resist? (I also blame Ann for her lovely enabling power!)

So.. I’ve been lemming the new colors ever since they launched in fall 2009.

Perfect automatic liner.jpg

I’ve got their older liners in Black (999) and Shiny Black (I think 991 or 995) but really wanted colored liners. So this was the perfect opportunity (and yes, I am punning. LOL!)

Colors I got are BL603 (blue) and GR604 (green).

so.. swatch time! this pic was taken in daylight. The inner two lines were done with enough liner liquid for it to be visibly higher than my skin. Kinda like a long bubble of liner. It took quite a while to dry. The outer two lines was done with much less liner.


My opinion…

If you like color and are willing to wait while they dry… get these liners. They really do last a looooong time on your eye once dry. I used the blue one yesterday for more than 12 hours with no smudging at all… before you ask.. eotd pics are in the works.

If you like darker liners, get this.


If you prefer a less watery liquid liner, get the old range “Neo” which is less watery, dries faster but has less fun colors (at least according to me).

If you have the type of eye lid which creates a new line if you blink before the liner dries, do NOT get these liners… you’ll smudge big big time unless you have strong lid discipline!

For me, its back to lemming for Neo liners… I’d love to get one in both the light brown and the darker brown. Don’t really like the other shades… *sobs*

for pictures of packaging and details of the liner itself… check out the link I’ve included at near the top of my post. :)