Sunday, April 19, 2009

MMBB’s Purifying Moisture range – a review

ok, so as promised, here’s a review of MMBB’s Purifiying Antioxident cleanser and serum.

Verdict : I’m so loving both of them!

Purifying Moisture Cleanser (PC)

Organic Aloe Juice, Organic Rooibos Tea Extract, Organic Olive Oil, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, Emulsifying Wax NF, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, MSM,Organic Jojoba Oil, Decyl Glucoside, DMAE, Organic Green Tea Extract, Vitamin E, HA, Activated Charcoal, Organic White Tea Extract, Organic Lichen Extract,Organic Black Willowbark Extract,Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C Ester,Xanthan Gum

Like Lisa initially described, this is a greyish-purplish cleanser. It doesn’t have the strong smell that some people have noticed in the Miracle in a Bottle (MIB) cleanser so that may please some. PC also doesn’t strip the skin until it feels taut and squeaky clean – an effect I get with MIB. It leaves the skin feeling clean and supple.

I’m finding myself using PC more and more often. On days when I feel I need more oil to be cleaned off, I reach for my MIB… on every other day, I’m reaching for my PC!

This cleanser would be especially good for gals with combo to dry skin, in my opinion. As it cleans without stripping off all the much needed moisture in the skin’s surface.

Purfying Moisture Serum (PS)

Organic Aloe Juice, DMAE, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Rooibos Tea Extract, Emusifying Wax NF, Organic Green Tea Extract, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Organic White Tea Extract, Vitamin E, HA, Vitamin B3, MSM, Organic Black Willowbark Extract,Xanthan Gum

This serum is my answer for daytime moisture!

my much loved ultimate serum gave way too much moisture resulting in oil slicks pretty quickly… as a result, I used half the normal amount during the day or usually chose not to use it at all at the expense of a little dryness.

with PS, it goes on feeling oily. In fact, during my initial tryouts, I felt like I put too much cos my face felt soooo oily. However, I was pleasantly surprised when 5 mins later, it seemed like my skin just sucked up all the goodness and what I was left with was a smooth soft skin surface. Lovely!

The serum itself is a white creamy liquid (unlike the yellowish/brown almost syrupy texture of the Ultimate serum) that is easy to blend on to the face. I put a 10cent size dollop in my palm, rub my palms together and smear it all over my face. If you find it too thick, try adding some mist to your palm before rubbing your hands together. (personally, I find this mist trick an easy way to dilute anything that I find too thick for me) Easy :)

My nose isn’t too sensitive and I don’t smell anything from this. :P

This serum, I feel, would suit the more oily skin types for night time use. For dryer skins, it doesn’t quite give the treatment I’d like for night time BUT it does answer my daytime needs with great finesse.

Verdict repeated : am so loving both these products and have stocked up on both.

do refer here and here for my normal face cleansing/moisturizing routines. And let me know if you’d like to try some samples too.


Ida said...

hi there! it's great reading about the mmbb products on your blog. i love natural skin care, and am still deciding what to get from the mmbb page. your entries help :)

Frond said...

Hi Ida,
you're so welcome... mmbb has a lovely range of products and I've written about all my favs. :)
its sooo nice to hear from you! and guess what... you win a lovely little RAOK from me! look out for an email.