Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My foundation routine… `

ok… so I’ve got three eotds, swatches and two new products to post.. but have been busy with life and totally lazy as well.

While I ramble on… please do enjoy this…

Originally, the way I put on my face is like this…

  • wash face – whole ‘nother post
  • moisturize and put sun block
  • e/s – while the sun block is getting settled
  • SN perfecting powder – my blend of the original shade and Date Bait
  • SN foundie – my blend – 11 ivory, 1 ebony and 1 warm or buttery gold
  • bronzer – when i feel like it
  • blusher/glow
  • a light layer of either my perfecting powder and/or some silica (which is again a whole ‘nother post)

Lately, I’ve just been lazy… and tired… even ran out of sunblock and didn’t bother to get a new bottle until yesterday (and I bought too high a SPF factor… *sobs*). So my abbreviated routine is now…

  • wash face
  • moisturize
  • e/s
  • put the following together in a swirly bowl, mix together with my LHK (thanks for intro’g this Ann, I’m a convert!) and apply
    • two dashes of perfecting powder blend
    • two dashes of foundation
    • one dash of silica
    • one dash of glow… if I need that pick me up effect
  • blush

the thing I like about this mixing up of powders is that I get to decide what I want to do for the day. So if I only want perfecting powder, I drop the foundie. If I want slightly more coverage, I’ll use less perfecting powder and more foundie. And I’m finally using my glows on a regular basis.

Shared this with a friend and she tried it out. She calls it the ROJAK method. Her report back was that it works… like it wouldn’t? LOL! (kidding dear.. jus’kiddin’!)

I’m still gonna keep all my blends separately and not really mix them together so I leave room for my own mixes on a daily basis. I doubt I’ll ever go back to layering… at least not until I become less lazy. :P