Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Astonishing Alloy Fairy plus two reviews

ok… so after the comments about my comment about AL e/s… I decided to give them another try. I have swatched some… but until I finish, I won’t be posting those pics.

First up, bought this lovely little pot of soft shimmering color from Ann - Majorlica Majorca cream shadow in YE106.


DSC04761 DSC04763

can you see the swatch? LOL… its really rather sheer but has a lovely golden gleam. It looks great on the eyes just by itself… the texture is light and easy to apply. I used a concealer brush but I bet fingers would work great as well. I am so tempted to get other colors now… :(

so… on to the eotd…

*with flash*

DSC04758 DSC04759

*without flash*

DSC04749 DSC04757 DSC04755

Did this look last Friday evening (Feb 27). Kept it pretty simple.

Monistat – base
MM cream e/s in YE106 – all over lid
AL Astonish – inner 1/3
AL Alloy – mid 1/3
AL Brianna – outer 1/3
AL Fairy – crease
AL Oyster – highlight
SN cream liner in Mahogany - liner

DSC04767 DSC04768

SN’s cream liners… I’ve tried Mahogany several times now using various brushes. Its easiest to apply with SN’s Ultimate e/s brush – liner side – other brushes just don’t grab the color well enough. In comparision to using NYX’s jumbo eye pencils, this is just a harder product to use. Harder to get the color to turn up. Just takes more effort for the same result.

Frankly, I’d rather go back to using my JEPs as bases and patting the appropriate e/s piggie on top to get the liner look I like.

So my pots of Mahogany and Tarnish will probably go to a new home soon… anyone interested? I would like a little something something in return so I can upkeep my color addiction. :P

About Aromaleigh e/s… well, I was wrong. The colors are pretty, in their own way. I like the metallic feel/look of the lustre series. Application was relatively easy too… the usual “pat pat pat” worked and so did blending in the crease color.

Only thing of concern was this… (please ignore the glossy skin showing… my MMBB aha cleanser was on and working *grin*)


see the creasing in the inner corner… I’m not sure if its the AL e/s or the MM cream e/s that caused it. I do know that using TSS e/s + NYX JEPs do not result in this… and after only 5 hours…

will have to try MM and AL separately to see which is the culprit. :)