Thursday, February 26, 2009

This wasn’t what I planned….

originally, my plan for this afternoon was to do some housework, to swatch a couple more AL e/s, to do one eotd… but after I checked my mailbox… those plans seem to have flown out the window…

Fitting snugly in my letterbox was a big envelope (slightly smaller than 2 A4 size papers put side by side vertically). It took up all the room available… and boy, am I happy to see it. Given I placed my order 2 weeks ago on a Friday… shipping took about 2 weeks in total. (It left their office on Tuesday last week)

So what was it… I guess most of you already know I ran a SilkNaturals spree recently. A total of 18 people and my biggest m/u bill ever!


nicely packed in organza bags…


and all the goodies in a pile…

from back to front, left to right

moisture magic (wrapped in bubble wrap), refills for fondations/powders, the freebie e/s – StirCrazy, samples of blushes, full size e/s pots, lots and lots of lippies, fragrance sticks (green labels), full size blushes, eye primer

On the whole, very well packed… only complaint would be that the samples of fragrances kinda melted so there was oily residue on the outside of those baggies. That didn’t make opening that bag very fun… as things landed in my hand and my response was “eewwwww!”

I can’t wait to try my new lippies and blush. I got a clear lipgloss, Peace (l/g), Raindrops on Roses (l/g, Cabana (e/s), Stir Crazy (my freebie e/s), Embrace (blush)

 DSC04745 DSC04743 

impressions -

Peace is a light pink color with just a hint of brown and very pretty light golden sparkle.  It's light, relatively sheer, and nicely balanced.

I think this is gonna look good on my daughter… definitely a more grown up pink than Pout but it will suit her and I’ll be ‘borrowing’ it often :P

Raindrops on Roses is a shimmery, slightly sheer pink with little hints of gold in our yummy original Kisser Slicker formula.  It's understated, very seasonal and absolutely gorgeous.

This is more rose than I expected… but its a shade I don’t have at the moment… I think it may well become a favourite. :)

Cabana is our clone of MAC's Paradisco eye shadow- it's a warm tropical peach with gold highlights. It has a good amount of shimmer, and is wonderful with High Beam!

Actually, got this for a friend who wanted to check out the dupe version… not having seen the original, I’d say this is a pretty peach shade…kinda pinky peach if that makes any sense. I could see myself using it.. with some caution. Kinda afraid that its too pink. ^_^

Stir Crazy… forgot to keep the description so I’ve no idea what its supposed to be… but it looks olive to me… not a color I’d reach for but… ah well, just teaches me to take note of what the GWP is before I conduct the next spree. LOL!

Embrace is our clone of Bobbi Brown's Mauve blush- it's a very "your cheeks but better"- at first it struck me as a very natural blush, but it also delivers a nice pop of pink- kind of that healthy, excited, flushed look.  I was expecting this to be on the cooler side- like most mauves, but I was very surprised by how balanced it is- it does have a nice amount of brown in it that balances it nicely.  If you're into blushes- at least a sample would be a nice addition to your collection.

this one looks really nice… no shimmer/sparkle… it’d probably look like the color is coming from under my skin… gonna like using this I think… and knowing me, I’ll layer a glow on top. Its very sheer though.. had to really pack on the color to get the swatch to show. But I’m used to that and actually like being able to build a color up to the intensity I prefer.

So the envelopes are packed… just not sealed. Waiting for addresses to be given so I can get this show on the road… :)

now off to complete what I needed to do before getting totally sidetracked… HOUSEWORK! no more color play for me today I think. :(