Monday, February 23, 2009

TSS Astrology collection – Capricon swatches

DSC04512 DSC04519 DSC04515

from left to right,

should be tempted, too much thought, chained up heart, december maybe

january baby, consult the heavens, stars say yes, divine spark

musical sass, freedom from self, jump right in, messy moon


umm… frankly… at first glance, not impressed. should be tempted & too much thought required several layers of pigment to even show up on my skin. They were that nude. But they’re gonna be great as nude highlight tones.

after the Storybook colors, this range really took some getting used to… I’d probably turn to them for neutral looks but really can’t resist the urge to add a pop of color just to brighten things up.

I am pleased to see there are some that are less sparkly though… I seem to be moving towards more matte shades now. Strange huh?