Monday, February 23, 2009

Unexpected pleasures in life…

Today’s been pretty rough… when I start off a day in a rush and then get frustrated over stuff… it takes me a long while to cool off and calm down.

Today started with the rush to get sleepy-head kids who overslept (cos mummy was too tired to get them up) to school on time.

When they did get up, it was with smiles and hugs for me… now, that’s really sweet. Then both of them grabbed a book each and plonked themselves on our lounge chairs in the sitting room. They looked so adorable reading together. But mummy had to break up the reading session so we could get moving on changing and getting them to school.

When I got home, it was time to coach my eldest with maths. Teaching your own kid has to be the biggest test of patience and perseverance anyone has to go through. Just as an example, yesterday he took 4 hours to finish 6 questions. Today, it took 30 mins for one question. Then I explained the process to him all over again. The 2nd time round, he dilly dallied for 7 mins when I entered the scene again and blew my top at him. 3 mins later… the question was done! so its not that I’m a bad teacher… its that he doesn’t wanna do the work. GRRRRRRRR!

Anyways, after getting him to school, I didn’t have the mood to do anything else so ended up taking a nice nap and watching senseless youtube videos.

On the way out to pick up the two younger ones, I checked my mailbox… and to my surprise, there was a nice big sized envelope in there. Now, I’m expecting a rather big package from SilkNaturals but this really didn’t look like it! plus the name on the top right… was familiar but didn’t immediately ring a bell…


and inside were…


I swear… I am in piggie heaven!!! the two bags on the right were filled to the brim with all sorts of pigment samples from every conceivable brand of mineral m/u. I have never ever seen so many brands before. I was in awe… first words outta my mouth – WOWzers!

So tomorrow’s job is clear… sort out the baggies into blushers/foundies/e/s then according to company names. Then figure out which I wanna keep and which I’m gonna bless someone else with. I’ve already pulled out some that are definitely keepers… will post pics of those later.

But to my angel, Fur, and her “Happy February RAOK”… thank you so much for brightening up my day with your colorfilled package. It was all the more amazing cause it was such a surprise. *hugs*