Tuesday, February 24, 2009

more from Fur’s RAOK

Ok.. so just spent a lovely hour sorting out all the baggies that Fur sent me. To say it was overwhelming would be an understatement really.

Didn’t take a pic of the entire pile of baggies – cos that would have been too daunting a task to look at – but did take some shots. :P

*before I forget… Fur… this again has brightened up my day… it was another stressful morning which left me with a huge headache. So I decided to take a nice long jacuzzi bath (burt’s bee theraputic bath salts + lavender eo + rose gerinium eo + silk protein = happy silky smooth frond) and then play with my package. End result.. I’m all chilled out and relaxed. So thank you again!*

here’s all my RAOK’d foundations (inc those from Xarata’s RAOK). Seriously, if anyone wants these… and there’s a good range of shades to try… please comment or PM, I’ll be happy to send them off to you! I’m just too plain lazy to test foundation shades plus I’d need to train my eyes to see the variations in shade… too much work… *blush*


There’s a huge pile of e/s and eye shadows… here’s the two biggest contenders…


to be honest, I’ve tried AL’s e/s before and wasn’t too impressed. I may give some of the shades a try though… since I have them.

I did find four bags of glitter than I couldn’t resist… these will definitely have a home with me! (without then with flash)

DSC04663 DSC04664

they are soooo glittery… I’ve no idea how I’m gonna use them but I can’t give them up! The one on the bottom right has the loveliest pink sparkles… so very very pretty… sad that the camera didn’t pick up on them.


Meow e/s… never tried them at all so will probably dip a brush in to give them a go. :)

There was also Joppa, J Lynne, MAD, Cory, Luminere, TSS, SilkNaturals (SN) plus other brands. In short, I am totally and truely flooded in e/s pigments.

What I was especially pleased to see where the TSS and SN bags. For SN, there were shades I haven’t had a chance to try. So expect to see some eotds using them coming up. For TSS, I think I recognise some LE shades that I didn’t get a hold of… plus there was the shade “Kiss the Frogs” which I was already planning to get a sample of… so more eotds to come for those too.

Last, but not least, there were MMBB e/s to play with. Since I’m expecting a biggish package from Lisa… I decided to swatch these first (so I can “hint” to her what colors I’d like to try. *evil grin*)

*with flash*


*without flash*

DSC04662 DSC04661

from left to right using monistat base
*comments in brackets*

opal beige (e/s), peach glow (matte e/s or glow – probably not as a glow… too orange), matte coffee (matte e/s or bronzer – rather sheer), pink twinkle (e/s – super light color w sparkles)

sunstone (e/s), celery (matte e/s – kinda weird in the bag and weird on my skin.. not sure what I’m gonna do with this), be dazzled (e/s – pretty pretty! got a green shimmer), twilight green (e/s – looks super dark in the bag but turns out to be a v. lovely bluey green), princess fiona (e/s)

purple frost (e/s – me and purple… nothing more to say), champagne glimmer (e/s or glow), aruban coral (e/s – pretty pinky silver)

and here they are in their baggies…


*whispers to Lisa… let me try PF on my eyes first… I’ll let you know tomorrow. Ok?*