Thursday, February 05, 2009

Swatch post – Something Twinkling Comes and Ho Ho Holiday - TSS

This is just for my records really… didn’t take the time to label the photos.

Ho Ho Holiday collection – Dec 2008

DSC04248 DSC04249

- these are the same colors.. just two different angles
*from left to right*

Tied up in Tinsel, Who hogged the Nog, One Turkey Trotting, Fruit Cake Festa

I believe in blitzen, maxed out plastic, vous le vous French hen? Tinkerbelle crashed, goodess and grace

One stuck sleigh, ran off with Rudolph, Cynthia skipped a dip, julia’s got the list, yule be broke

Roof top tango, elves in the chimney, one special star, fleeced by fairies, tricked out turtle dove

Something Twinkling Comes this Way – Dec 2008

DSC04446 DSC04435

*from left to right*

Pocket full of twinkle, stomp the pixies, tripped the diva, chuckling cowgirls
Chasing whimsies, confetti wars, managed mania, lickety split
Buddha kiss, broken mind, off her rocker

A bit too much, pins and needles, not quite enough, hottie tottie
Scent of a psycho, clowns in concert, the tacky chick, Hollywood dropout
Bit by glitz, dark side of glam, feast for eyes


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