Thursday, February 05, 2009

My M/U Zone

Had the inspiration to clear up my messy m/u corner… so here’s a quick walkthrough…


this is the bulk of my stuff… just bought the 2 drawer things for SGD10 yesterday. Was getting irritated by too many pots of stuff all over my counter top.

Starting from the left, there are three clear file folders.


The dark blue folder holds my eotd ideas (copied from forums/websites/blogs). The white one (in the middle) holds my entire TSS sample e/s baggies. The yellow one is split into two sections. The front is e/s baggies from different companies (the ones you see right in front are from Silk Mineral). At the back, are some lippie testers in baggies and my sample blush collection.


The drawers hold my full sized products - foundations, blushes, eyeshadows – as well as some brushes and other m/u essentials. These drawers make it easier to find my f/s stuff… instead of having them stacked up on each other, I know can just pull out a drawer and pick what I want to use.

The drawer full of pots that you can see is my SilkNaturals glows/e/s collection. The column on the left are glows and the rest are e/s.

The three brushes you see on the left are the ones I turn to the most for putting on powder/foundation.


The mug is filled with my e/liners and NYX jumbo eye pencils. You can also see my eyelash curler from CyberColors. The blue box behind is Neutrgena’s m/u remover wipes. The white bottle is a serum I’m trying to finish. I love my microfibre cloth for cleaning my brushes after each color application. Last but not least, my handy dandy Ikea glass bowl which I use for powders/foundations/blushes. :)

Under my sink…


is my storeroom of sorts.

The bottom most shelf has my empty bottles and other back up supplies (like my nasal wash. LOL!)

The middle shelf holds my stash.. kinda… you can see my three palettes right in front. Behind is a box holding my SilkNatural powders (the ones I mix up for my foundation and finishing powders). Also, I’ve got a bag full of organza bags.


From the bottom left, my MMBB AHA cleanser and hydrosols. These are the ones I use everyday. My MMBB Miracle in a bottle cleanser is in my shower area (that I use 2x a day). The other container has my other cleansers that I use for cleaning my brushes and my alcohol spray to disinfect them.

The red basket has the oils I use for my lovely bathtimes. The pink container you see at the top holds my hair protein from Silk Mineral. (note to self – must repackage the protein TODAY – before it hardens up totally)

That concludes my m/u zone walkthrough… :) hope you enjoyed it!