Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Funky Chicken was a Knight on a horse!

well, Lisa just asked if I had used funky chicken again… so I dug it out and did. :)

Hope you like it Lisa!


Monistat – base
*can’t remember if I used a JEP*
MMBB liquid eye brightener (aka yellow) – innermost lid
TSS Funky Chicken (matte) – mid lid
TSS Knights on Horses (matte) – outer lid/crease
TSS Dragon Breathe (Cindy LE) – highlight
NYX JEP in blackbean as liner base with
TSS Be the Fairytale (Cindy LE) on top
DSC04425 DSC04423DSC04424 

I really really like Be The Fairytale.. its such a pretty green. The description for it is : Fabulous iridescet kelly green with layers of bronze, copper and golden flashes of iridescent light.