Thursday, March 18, 2010

WLC #8, #9 and #10

Hi Cat! *waves* noticed you just popped by my blog… sincere apologies in not posting lately…

ok… haven’t forgotten about you or the challenge. Just life has kinda overwhelmed me. Plus its the short school holidays so I’m ooozing kid demands. Really really hope they all go back to school soon! sigh… blogging has really taken the low spot in the long list of life’s priorities.

BUT exercise and watching what I eat is becoming a lifestyle habit. :)

ok reports… I’m pleased to say I’ve cracked the 70kg mark! I dropped about 1.5 kg so far… finally some progress. LOL! I’m really proud of myself for sticking with the game plan this long even with no actual weight loss for so many weeks.

WLC #8 challenge -

The challenge for this week is to tell me why you are taking part in this challenge? why did you sign up? do you feel you have achieved anything?


why do I want to continue lugging along weight that I’ve carried for almost 9 years now… weight that I acquired while pregnant with my first child.

why wouldn’t I wanna spend some time/energy to take care of myself? If I don’t bother to, who will?

why wouldn’t I enjoy the company of other like-minded people with similar goals? already I have another friend who is posting her results on a regular basis and she’s not even in the WLC group. You all inspire me and keep me going when I lose heart and wanna quit.

why? why not?

what I’ve achieved… a more active lifestyle… more aware of my food intake… feel better overall :)

WLC #9 challenge -

Food Diary!

erm, I don’t really take note of what I eat and carring a food diary around with me just isn’t practical. I’m just not that meticulous… so sorry, ain’t gonna do this particular challenge. my to-do list is way too long already :(

WLC #10 challenge -

this weeks challenge is to tell me 3 things you think have changed about yourself since you started the challange, they can be physical or mental or anything you want!!

1. I need to tighten my belt on my pants.. am considering getting new ones but not right now. :P

2. higher energy levels. feel better through the day.

3. smaller tummy size! since I’ve been watching what I eat, I find I’m eating less and my tummy is getting used to that. Plus, I don’t eat past 8pm now and the other day, we had a late dinner… just couldn’t finish my food. It was crazy. My tummy just kept saying “no!”. It wasn’t full but it didn’t want the food in it. That’s a good thing right?

that’s it for me for now… kids are calling. Like that’s unusual.. sigh..

I *need* a kid free 24 hours!!! soon!!!! I’d settle for an afternoon off too. :P