Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Maybelline’s Angelfit Pore Zero Base – a review

These pics have been sitting in my drafts folder for months. I’m ashamed :(( Just never ever got round to writing a review on this.

Well, since I seem to be in a little more of a blogging mood today. Here’s a quick review.

When I first started using makeup about 2 years back. My first foundation purchase was Maybelline’s Angelfit Powder Foundation. It was a lovely foundation that gave a glow to my face. Sadly, I stopped using it when I realised that my pores were becoming seriously clogged. Before you go “eeeeekkk”, please bear in mind that I was a complete makeup noob. Didn’t know how to get it off properly. Light dawning? I know better now and am seriously tempted to give it a go again soon :P

But this review isn’t about that… its about its sister product called the Pore Zero base.


here’s my super blur pic of it. Sigh. It comes in a 30ml tube which dispenses the product easily on to your finger.

Please click on the pic for the description and their product claims. Have added another pic for those who want a clearer understanding of the ingredients used.

DSC07930 DSC07933 

So here’s what it looks like. Slightly creamy but really easy to blend out. You’re supposed to put little dots all over your face. Not all at once cos this dries fairly quickly. So you dot, blend, dot, blend, dot, blend.

DSC07940 DSC07943 DSC07946

See how my pores have gone bye bye… seriously, this product does work in blurring out the look of large pores. It also gives a slight glow to your face which is rather pleasant. Does leave a slightly greasy feel on my skin but that’s goes away once I put on my loose mineral powder. What I especially like about it – and what got me to plunk down cash for it – was the spf factor (SPF 25 PA++). Having a sunscreen feature is a really nice touch for a primer/base.

The only reason why I don’t use this as often as I do my Biore UV Bright Face Milk (yeah I know.. cheesy name) is due to the ease of application. I’m a lazy person – just in case you didn’t know that already *grin* – and prefer to pore a puddle into the middle of my palm, rub it between my palms and apply. The whole dot, blend, dot, blend thing is just too much for me. Although when I do it, I get a lovely base for makeup that lasts through the day.

*note – as with all other makeup… make sure you use a good m/u remover at the end of the day or you’ll be sorry. I use JustFr0nd’s exfoliating AHA cleanser on my face and a oil/water blend for my eye m/u*