Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I am officially broke… (part 2)

To continue my Watson’s hauls… sigh… I searched two outlets for Canmake blushes. Finally found them… swatched all six colors (01 to 06 from left to right; top to bottom) and four Majolica Majorca Neo liquid liners (no, I don’t remember the code numbers).

I won’t bother to post pics of the display unit or the individual blush casings… they’re all over the blogsphere… just do a search. I did do swatches for my own reference. Something I like to do so that I see how it turns up on my skin tone.

The pics were taken in store and without any base using my fingertips.

DSC08545  DSC08543

Am so tempted to pick up the green liner and the dark brown liner… but that’d put me back another close to 40 bucks.

As for the blushes… was really drawn to 01 which was a pretty light pink. There was only one left too… but in the end decided on 05 which is a peachy pink.

Used with a fibre optic brush (Ann’s suggestion), it produces a pretty flushed look on my skin. Quite like it and have used it two days in a row now. In terms of lasting power, I can still see it on my cheeks at the end of a 12 hour day so I think that’s pretty good mileage. Am happy with my buy and thinking… just thinking… about 01 still.

I brought my daughter along with me on this swatching adventure. Monkey see, monkey do right? so this was the result…


can pass? I think got some hope ya?

and see her pretty sparkly slip ons. My mil just brought them home from Hanoi… she’s so proud of them.

My last purchase was the much raved about Maybelline gel eye liner. I got this in brown. Again, it was at 20% off so it was a good time to give it try. I haven’t opened it yet so have got no swatches and no opinions to share. Will definitely update you when I do get my brush into the pot. *giggle*

Have a colorful day everyone! I know I am. :D