Monday, April 13, 2009

unexpected loveliness

I haven’t actually checked my mailbox for a couple of days. Reason? well, besides bills, I wasn’t expecting anything.

so when I checked it on Thursday… boy was I surprised!

First up was an envelope with a US address… hmm… I didn’t order anything recently… then I read the name… Dayna… which made me go, “but I still haven’t bought anything from her (not that I don’t want anything… *grin*).”

I was so excited I was trying to open the envelope while juggling three kids and two huge bags. Needless to say, I wasn’t successful. My curiousity was only assuaged when I got my hands on a pair of scissors and snipped away.

First thing I pulled out was this lovely note.


Dayna, you’re an angel for thinking of me. I gotta say that I was really just bowled over with glee. Not only did you give me NYX Jumbo eye pencils that I wanted – Milk, Slate and Purple!!!! *Frond runs around madly* but you also threw in L’oreal HIP color cream crayons in Intricate (blue) and Meticulous (brown).

Then the icing on the cake… my very first full size MAC product… *screams in excitment* A shadestick in SilverBleu… a pretty icy blue.

I’m already thinking up various ways to use all the pretty colors… am wondering if I can come up with a cream shadow only look… it’d be my first. :P


Thanks so much Dayna! You’re just the bestest! (as my kids would say)

And for the swatch addicts out there… no base used

from left to right:
MAC shadestick in SilverBleu
L’oreal HIP crayon in Intricate
L’oreal HIP crayon in Meticulous
NYX JEP in Purple
NYX JEP in Slate
NYX JEP in Milk
NYX JEP in Yoghurt
(also sent was NYX JEP pots’n’pans which I already have and will pass the blessing on to someone else :P)

 DSC05243 DSC05242

with flash

DSC05241 DSC05240 

My impressions :

SS SilverBleu – a pretty pretty sparkly light blue. rather creamy and pigmented

L’oreal HIP crayons – texture wise it felt harder and more waxy. it sunk into my pores/skin lines rather than sat on top like the others do.

NYX Purple – I am in love. I love love purple and I love this purple. sigh… nothing more to say

NYX slate – I understand now what everyone loves about this color. Its a dark bluey grey… fabulous color. Less dramatic than blackbean but totally usable I think. I’m looking forward to trying it as a liner as well as crease color.

NYX milk – I’ve got high hopes for this. I thot cottage cheese would help me with highlighting and stuff but it was way too frosty. This was matte and so so so so white. It just pops off my hand, its that bright! can’t wait to try it on my inner corner, as a liner, as a highlight… :D

NYX yoghurt – this is a duplicate and will go to someone else I think. But I love this color. its my neutral shade. the one I go to when i can’t be bothered to think of what color I should use. Its a pinky/peachy kinda shade (you can tell that I’m a horrid color describer!)

The other big envelope I found in my mailbox was filled with this…

a new pair of crocs


I’ve used them once and they are comfy. Am happy with them :)


and last but not least… I wore this old pair of sandals on Wednesday and my OPI Ink painted toes just popped out at me. They looked so pretty that I couldn’t resist taking a quick picture.