Wednesday, April 08, 2009

since I’ve been gone…

Hi there gal friends,

yes, I know its been a while... actually didn't want to blog til I had pics to add.. but someone (you know who you are ^.^) told me to just put up a quick note so people know I'm not dead... I am?? geee...

ok.. so what's up with me... well, my youngest got sick, then my daughter (the middle child) got sick, then my hubby and eldest caught whatever was going around. Guess who that left? lil'ol'me... anyways, I had a runny nose and a slight fever about a week ago but have been feeling tired and grumpy since then. The kids have all recovered, in case you're wondering. Its only the adults that are still fighting this bug. Grrr...

anyways, finally went to see the doctor on Monday cos I'd been having a throbbing sensation behind the top of my nose for like 3 nites in a row. Was pretty convinced I had some blocked sinuses, more so after my failed attempt at nasal irrigation... seriously, that sounds more yucky than it really is. On not so bad days, nasal irrigation really does help clear up my sinuses and makes my head feel lighter... but this time it just didn't work. All I got was a dribble instead of the usual flow. Well, that was the last straw, so off to the doctor I went for antibiotics (which I really really dislike taking).

Am slowly feeling better even though I'm sleeping ALOT! kinda why I haven't been blogging. Cos I normally do all my m/u stuff in the afternoons when I have the house to myself. Hard to blog when you're snoring you know. LOL!
but I've got loads to share... got LEs from TheSheSpace, a nice new lot of silk protein, some more SilkMineral e/s, two raoks from Ann and another lovely friend and... hmm.. what have I forgotten... oh yes, the grab bag 20 pc e/s from TheSheSpace that I'm sharing with Ann and 2 other friends... so lots of colors to play with and swatch. :)
can't promise when I'll post... but I'll try to get to it as soon as I can.

before I go, read this post from My Woman Stuff titled "I'm not getting the Ecotools brush set" I thought it was kinda funny to read cos most times you read about what people do buy/haul, not about what they don't. Anyways, I kinda agree with her... although the set is really tempting and the price is reasonable, I already have most of the brushes I want/need and am happy with them. Apart from that, I've been hauling so much I really am totally broke. I still have falsies, more mmbb stuff and nyx stuff coming in... so.. I really don't need those brushes.

What I do need.. erm... want... wish to have.. is suggestions for an eyeliner/brow brush. I've been using SN's ultimate e/s brush (the push brush end of it) to both do my brows (using DM's lovely brow powder) and to push e/s onto my blacbean base as a colored liner. I'd really like to have an extra brush so I don't have to keep cleaning my brush in between. My specs would be for a relatively firm short bristled brush... something that will give me the control I need when patting on my e/s liner OR something that will do my brows up nicely.

I'm sure you gals will have some suggestions for me.. so please please help out!

thanks *cheesy grin*


oh.. before I forget… I did get a pedicure using OPI’s INK… you gotta check that color out… I simply love love love it. So tempted to go buy a bottle for myself. Sigh.


remember… I’m looking for some brush suggestions :)