Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I’m such a blessed person with loving caring generous friends. Here’s three other RAOKs that I’ve received this past month.

not in order of receipt…

from Ann,

a lovely bar of LureBeauty’s Sweetened Honey and Emu Oil Soap, two big pots of SN Tempt Trust and SN Love Lure + plain perfecting powder, MMBB undereye cream sample, Indelible gel liners in blackout, marcasite, peacock and tanzanite, Earthern Minerals in Jaded.

I am half way through my Filthy Farmgirl soap and was looking out for a new bar when Ann offered to pass me this to try. Sure am looking forward to it. :)

The gel liners have kinda dried up although the colors look fab. So I tried to rehydrate them with some glycerin… not that it was very successful. So I’m still trying to figure out what to do about dried up gel liners… any ideas?

EM’s Jaded looks really pretty and I’m looking forward to trying it out both as a base and as cream shadow.

and last but not least (and not photographed), she put everything into a MAC bag! My MAC collection is slowly but surely growing. To date, I have a MAC e/s sleeve, a MAC bag, three MAC e/s pigment samples and a f/s MAC SS! yay!

on a totally random note, another friend commented that I’m definitely a MAC person given my sheer love for colors. After thinking about it, I kinda agree. Give me a collection that’s colorful and I’d probably buy it. Give me a collection of neutrals… and I’d go… nah… no thanks. Go figure… *giggle*

DSC05189 DSC05190

Here’s an unexpected surprise from a gentle lady who takes care of my children in church plus she visits us about once a week. A really caring loving person.

She is a Laneige user and got me a whole collection of samples to try out plus a super pink e/s. The color to be honest was scary… but I love that there was a mirror on the back. Anyways, I gave this one back to her as I really don’t see myself using PINK much. :)

DSC05195 DSC05194

The one product that got my attention was the strawberry yoghurt pack. You open it and you smell strawberries. Not the fake kind of chemical strawberry smell but the kind that you get when you bite into a lucious juicy strawberry… yum!


official description :

- This massage pack makes you feel the highly enriched strawberry yogurt texture without worrying about runny contents.
­- Yogurt extract makes skin soft and strawberry extract gives a clean and healthy appearance.
­- The larger capsule contains mineral water (with tomato, kiwi, grape, banana, and lemon extracts and essential minerals including calcium, magnesium and zinc) and lactic acid bacteria for an added nutrition and moisture to your skin.
­- Vitamin E ingredients contained in the smaller capsule are absorbed into skin to make it smoother and healthier.
­- Simple massaging at home turns dry skin supple and moisturized.

Can’t wait to try it :)


the rest of the collection: quick massage gel, power essential skin refiner, balancing emulsion 1, moisture fitting base and natural pure makeup base.

I’ll try them all out and report back on what I find.

last package… from a galfriend, Purple76.

a lovely little cloth bag and some of TSS’ black primer.


from the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU!!