Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not quite St. Patrick’s Day…

So I’m feeling green… that’s better than feeling blue right? :P

Did this for my first full day outing in a while (last Saturday). I’ve just been feeling so lousy lately but with our church’s Easter celebrations for the kids… well, my kids made me promise to go with them this one time.

Then I find out on Wednesday that I have to conduct my usual workshop for BMSG. A group I’m committed to helping out in. After all, I can’t pay it back but I sure can pay it forward! Being able to help and encourage other breastfeeding moms is so satisfying… I know its totally OT but making the effort to encourage even when I’m feeling bad :

bfg isn't a bed of roses... its a long hard marathon but it can be completed... just one step at the time.

and then getting comments like

I like this.. sounds so beautiful. :) I will use that as my motto. :)

It just makes everything so worthwhile! *big grin*

Then I got a call just before my workshop asking if we were free to join my cousin for dinner… its been ages since we last met up so I said yes and prayed real hard that I’d have the energy to last.

Dinner was a blast. My girl and his son paired up and my youngest and his daughter paired up… so cute! Its always fun to catch up with each other’s lives and enjoy each other’s company. I wish we did see more of each other but with different schedules… its been hard.

Ok, sorry for the long detour… back to my eotd… LOL!


Monistat – base
NYX JEP in horseradish – all over lid
TSS Buddha Kiss – inner lid
TSS Broken Mind – mid lid
TSS Be the Fairytale – outer lid/crease
TSS Native of Nature – applied w a small crease brush on the outer V
TSS Beyond Skin Deep – highlight
MM liquid e/liner in black
Brows – DM’s Better than Black

DSC05273 DSC05271  

This look went on at 8am and came off at about 10pm… no creasing and still looked fresh and green.