Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Nurse Better serenades with the X factor

Many moons ago, Nonameapplicableduckling (can’t you get a shorter name?) gave me these three purples. With the influx of new LEs, I just never got around to try them out. Now that I have…

HEATHER!!! pretty please bring back the Feb 08 LEs… please… I love these purples!!!!!

*takes deep breath*


Monistat – base
NYX JEP in Oyster – all over lid
TSS X factor – patted on lid
TSS Nurse Betty – crease
TSS Sweet Serenade – highlight
TSS Symphony of Chaos – dry lined
brows – Dayna Mineral’s Better than Black

DSC04791 DSC04789

I did the dark to light method today.. it was the first method I learned and it still works well and looks lovely too. I’m not shy huh? LOL!

Got my hands on this…


its the Marjolica Lash Gorgeous Wing Mascara and a free sample of ZA foundation. Felt its was appropriate to add this to the look since it was Nonameapp (i am not gonna type the whole name out. *sulks*) that raved about it and inspired me to buy. I also know of two other people who use the same mascara and are really happy with it.

so here’s what I got…

 DSC04794 DSC04798 DSC04796

my impressions…

didn’t see much to rave about. Plus for me, the fibres just kinda got everywhere. Even had some hanging off one of my lashes… really very weird. Behind my glasses, you couldn’t tell if I was wearing the mascara or not… which is about normal for most mascaras I wear… which explains why I don’t put it on often. :P

so… now I’ve got a tube of almost brand new mascara waiting to find a new home… only used once. Anyone interested? I would like some small donation to my m/u fund :P