Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Microfibre cloths

I love these… Lisa introduced me first to these lovelies


you can find them at the car section in most stores… they use them for washing the car but they’re fabulous for washing your face too. The lighter purple one was from Lisa (all the way from USA). The darker purple is from Toyogo. I got this for less than S$5 if I remember correctly and it was more than double the size of Lisa’s.

the cloth helps enhance the exfoliation process by lifting the dirt and dead cells off your face. I find using it on my nose area also helps clear some of the lumps and bumps I get around there.

my second type of microfibre cloth is from 3M and I use them for cleaning my brushes in between applications. Was introduced to them by Mag through one of her blog posts. They do a great job at grabbing all the pigments from the brushes, leaving me with a new ‘clean’ brush for the next color.

here’s 3M’s description :

The Scotch-Brite High Performance Cloth is specifically designed with a unique combination of bi-component microfibers and knit construction.This combonation provides excellent dust, oil and water pickup with minimal linting. The bi-component aspect of the microfibers allows for both oil and water absorption while the microfiber's ribbon-like shape provides the maximum surface area for the collection of dust, oil and water. The unique knit pattern of tufts and valleys allows both small and large particulates to be trapped within the Scotch-Brite High Performance Cloth. The combination of microfiber and knit construction provides a versatile non-scratching tool allowing the Scotch-Brite Cloth to be used on a wide variety of substrates including delicate surfaces.


the texture is different… more man-made. Not saying it isn’t soft cos it really is! hard to describe and I’m hoping the pictures help…