Monday, March 09, 2009

Make a Wish colors

See previous post HERE.

didn’t add the descriptions in last time so thought I’d do so now. :)

For warmer gals

  • Spread a little Light : warmer twinkling pinky coral pearl with a hint of iridescent pink
  • Be Seen and Heard : softest warm sheer peachy bronze with slight crystal and golden twinkle
  • Fulfill a Dream : simmering taupe with a layer of iridescent golden pink and copper with crystal twinkle

For cooler gals

  • With Arms Wide Open : cool sheerest pearl boysenberry blue with twinkling baby blue and lilac irrdescent shimmer
  • Live a Fabulous Life : cool iridescent boysenberry with a lilac, grape and baby blue light and a hint of crystal sparkle
  • Love Knows No Endings : good on all skin tones… deep shimmering plum berry with iridescent flashes of pink, baby blue and lavender

these shades really can be used by all skin tones… the categorisation is just a guide. frankly, I love these colors… so easy to use. They’re definitely gonna be some of my go-to shades when I dun wanna think… :)

DSC04867DSC04865  DSC04866

warmer colors with
monistat as base
NYX JEP in french fries on lid
MM liquid e/liner in black

impressions : a great neutral no brainer look… all the colors blended easily together and were alot less boring than another collection I have

 DSC04859   DSC04856 DSC04857

cooler colors with
monistat as base
NYX JEP in pacific on lid
MM liquid e/liner in black

impressions : I love the lightest blue… with arms wide open… such a pretty pretty shade… I’d use this trio again in a heartbeat. Again, perfect shades paired together for a super easy no brainer look. :)