Saturday, January 08, 2011

Just because

its been so very long since I last posted a EOTD... and that's because I seem to have totally lost the mojo. Been doing super simple one e/s, one liner looks that make me happy enough. Have a new love for my liquid liners *giggle*

Anyways, after a week of not feeling good, I woke up today feeling perky and ready for some colors and brushes. So here's what I came up with. Gotta say though, my skills need work. Have lost quite a bit of my preciseness and quickness. Ah well...

My girl wanted to know if I was going out and I told her "no". Then she wanted to know why I was doing makeup and I told her... "just because...". *grin*

Apologies for the brows... they really do need work!

What I used:

Monistat - as an all over primer
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Yoghurt - lid area blended upwards
TSS Cynical Fairy - patted on the inner/mid lid
TSS Dimwitted - patted on the mid/outer lid and blended
TSS Can't Hide from Karma - out v and up into the crease
TSS Lucky Charm - to deepen the crease
TSS Go To Shop - highlight
Majorlica Majorca liquid liner in blue.. can't remember the code number lah.

Gransenbon #12 blush
Skin79 Gold bb cream
SilkNaturals & SilkMinerals powder/foundie mix


justltee said...

Very pretty Frond!

Frond said...

LT! you dropped by *grin*... thanks. I find myself doing more muted looks now. Age? *giggle*