Tuesday, April 27, 2010

long overdue updates…

Its been a while… a good long while… for those who have been patiently waiting for me to post, thank you for waiting…

So what happened… well, first up was my kid’s schooling. Still really coming to grips with everything I need to do in order to ensure they all stay on track and up to date.

Second, kinda fell off the m/u bandwagon for almost a month (connected to the 3rd point). The current EOTD posted was from more than a month ago… yeah, I am totally outta sync. The next few EOTDs will probably be long overdue pics that have been lurking on my computer too. They’re still nice looks just ‘old’ ones. *cheesy grin*

Third, landed myself in an emotional hole… I don’t know if its my hormones playing up again or other factors but I’ve been sleeping endlessly and just can’t gather together enough energy to do anything. This issue has plagued me on and off throughout my life. What the solution is… I have honestly no idea. Anyways, am on the way outta the hole for now and feeling so much better hence the posting. *giggle*

Fourth, reading all the other m/u blogs with their frequent hauls really makes me wish I were back at work with extra money to spend. All I have to offer is stuff that I already have and I’m just not sure if that’s what is worth blogging about. Still, I’m gonna keep posting EOTDs just for my own record keeping purposes. Will definitely be shopping my stash though so don’t expect any new purchases to appear.

Having said all that, in no way am I gonna give up on this blog. Its a work in progress and I’ll keep blogging about stuff that interests me.

At the moment, its nail polishes… oh, you don’t know how hard I’m sitting on my hands… the itch to press “BUY”… especially for some OPI colors like INK… drool… but I haven’t.

Well… actually I have… just one bottle of Mad as a Hatter from the recent Alice collection. Figured the mad amount of colorful glitter in that one was sure to perk up my mood a little. Can’t wait to see it in real life! *evil chuckle*

Til later… or whenever… keep your life colorful and happy!


farrah said...

hi dear! do keep posting, i do love reading your blog and am always so happy to see a new post from you whenever i visit! i totally understand the wanting to buy more!! hahaa u can see from my blog and my facebook makeup page that i'm totally into nyx lipsticks now also, and to not spend so much of my own money i organise mass orders or buy in bulk and sell off for smaaaalll profit, for just enough to cover my own purchases :P why not give that a try?

Cat said...

i love your blog and it definately doesnt matter that you aren't buying new make-up - true skill is to make the most of what you have!


Frond said...

@ Farrah

thanks dear! and I do sell facial cleansers... just not very active about doing it at the moment. LOL!

I'll be trying to do more looks using my 88 palettes... may just send people your way to get them :P

@ Cat

thanks dear... still working on the skill aspect. Learning mostly from watching youtube videos. This starburst look was a stretch and the first time I actually blended colors in that way... but it sure was fun trying. You do your best with your courses. Can't wait to see what looks you come up with. :)

Frond said...

erm.. the starburst look is in the pipeline... need to get it loaded up. LOL!