Sunday, February 28, 2010

A little tip for stuffy noses…

About a month back, I caught a cold. It was *sniff sniff sniff* all day long. The worse part about it was that I had to give two workshops over two Saturdays.. both about 2 hours each. I was not a happy camper at all!

Being a mother, I really didn’t want to talk one of those anti-histamines that dry up your nose but put you to sleep. Who would take care of the kids while I was in dreamland? Plus the pills always leave me with a very muzzy, groggy head. Not fun.

So I went on a hunt to find an essential oil that would help alleviate my symptoms. I was thinking of getting something like Eucalyptus which I have used before with good results.

Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Gobulus)
Clear sinus; expels mucus; relief sensitive nose related problems; ease pain and improves circulation.

Was at Novena square so decided to drop by Salo to see what they had to offer. The sales lady asked me what I was looking for. She showed me the stock of essential oils and recommended a few. Then she noticed my sniffing, immediately she reached into a shelf and pulled out…

Flu Away (a blend of eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint)
Helps for sinus, clear blocked nose, good for flu and throat irritation, asthmatic

I swear, one sniff of this and I could feel my sinus’ clearing. I’ve never had that happen before with any other essential oil. Guess their oils are especially pure or something.

The lady was nice enough to give me a tissue with a couple of drops of this on it. Gratefully, I spent the rest of the day acting like a glue sniffer, sniffing at my tissue.

That night, and many nights to follow, I put a couple of drops on my pillow case and went to sleep peacefully for the first time in a while.

The bottle now has a permanent place on my toiletry shelf and I know what I’ll be reaching for when my sinuses start acting up again!

For those of you who get runny noses or blocked noses on a regular basis, you might want to get a bottle of this lovely essential oil blend. Its about S$20+ but well worth it for the relief it gives. If you’re not sure it’d work for you, drop by the shop and ask for a tissue with a couple of drops on it. Go shopping and try it out. I think you’d be back for a bottle. :P

Salo is at

177 River Valley Road #B1-25 Liang Court Shopping Centre Singapore 179030
Tel: 6339 9809 Fax: 6339 9809

10 Sinaran Drive #03-48 Square 2 Singapore 307506
Tel: 6397 6367

(Disclaimer : I am not affliated with nor get commission for promoting this store. I’m just a regular consumer who has had a positive experience here.)