Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WLC #1

I’m not the type to do New Year resolutions… they don’t work for me. What I do do is think long and hard about doing something, then once I’m sure that I’m sure that I’m sure that I want to do it… well, I do it.

And for 2010, I've decided to fulfil my long held wish of toning up and maybe even trimming down. I started with a fruit lunch the first week of Jan. Lots of water and fruit to stave off hunger pangs til dinner time.

Then on Monday, I started with a short  11 min session on our elliptical trainer. I covered 5km and for my trouble… had achy thighs and calves the next morning. But I’m determined not to complain and to keep going til I do reach my goal.

Then I sat down to do my daily blog reading using Google Reader. I’m a regular reader of various beauty blogs and personal blogs of friends… this time a post from Rebecca from PandaDoesMakeup caught my eye.

She was talking about a Weight Loss Challenge that Cat from Cat’s Little Obessions was running. Its for a period of 12 weeks and is meant as just a group of like minded ladies providing moral support to each other while trying to shed some pounds (about 2 a week hopefully).

That sounded like it was meant for me… but upon reading Cat’s blog, I realised I had missed the deadline for signing up. Hoping for a reprieve I emailed Cat explaining the situation. The darling said… “i'll make an exception just this once for you”. *hugs*

So I’m IN!… yay! more support for me…

Her first challenge was to list 3 things that you like about yourself. The idea is to start focusing on the positives.

So here’s my three (I focused on my face)

1. Ear lobes – I got pretty “buddah-ish” type lobes. Good for earrings

2. Lips – I got a pretty defined cupid’s bow. No need to draw in. Easy to use lipsticks to fill in color.

3. Double eye lids – am so thankful I have them. I think learning how to do eye shadow would be harder if I had monolids. Most tutorials out there deal with the caucasian type eye not the asian eye. 

She encouraged us to do videos instead of just blogs so we could see the changes over time. I thought that was a good idea… but… video.. scary!!!! and I didn’t know how to do it. 

But I remembered playing with my kids on our new MAC powerbook and that has a in built camera which is pretty clear. So here’s the result…


Today, I cycled my kids to school then went to the supermarket to buy laundry detergent. Then it was on to our OSIM iGallop for a 30 min session targetting my core. Next up was 5 mins on the elliptical machine.

I really want to keep up the momentum… wish me luck?

p/s this is not gonna turn into a weight loss blog… don’t worry :P


Cat said...

this was brilliant, really enjoyed watching it xx

Frond said...

thanks for dropping by Cat :)