Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sasa find

Popped into Sasa… and it wasn’t my idea! believe it or not, my hubby wanted to go in to take a look at the fragrances for men. :P

Anyways was browsing around, not planning to buy anything, especially given the current state of my wallet and bank account… when I saw these lovely ladies.

DSC08132 DSC08133

while I don’t think of myself as a super girly girl… I literally squealed over how cute they were. Each tweazer is decorated to be a stylish lady. Each has a different theme. I wish I had taken a quick pic of the whole group but these were the two I settled on finally.

I’ve used one and find its pretty good for cleaning up my eyebrows (the hairs I do dare to pluck). Even if you don’t like how they function… they sure do look pretty sitting with the rest of my beauty equipment… much better than my plain black one! and at S$5.90 each… I think they’re a steal!



LT said...

cute! I thought it was hair stick at first.

Ann* said...

i thought they were nail files! =X

Andee Layne said...

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LOLanne said...

awww never would have figured they were tweezers just by looking at the pic!!

never heard of sasa before until i saw it on your blog... they have an online store fully stocked with face masks!! yayyy and they deliver to where i live!! heheheheh lol