Sunday, March 22, 2009

SN Primer – the experiment continues

In my previous experiment, I used the SN Primer with my usual combination of NYX jumbo eye pencils and TSS eye shadows… the results were dismal to say the least…

So I decided the next step would be to try the primer with SN eyeshadows. After all, it comes from the same company and so should work well together… right?

I used Thistle, Naughty and Bewitched on top of the SN primer.

Somehow, I lost the morning pics I took but here are the ‘after’ pics – about 12 hours later.


DSC05033 DSC05035DSC05036  DSC05034

Conclusion, SN Primer + SN eyeshadow equals long lasting e/s wear with no creasing :)

Next experiment is SN primer with TSS e/s. This is rather fun :P