Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Majorlica Majorca swatches

I’m currently lemming MM stuff… sigh… so made a trip to central today (yay! no rain!! finally!) to post a total of 11 envelopes (watch out for pink envelopes ladies!) and to do some swatches at Watson’s.

*all swatches are on bare skin… no base used*

first up was cream shadows…

mm cream es

here’s my swatches…

PK705 (pink) on top
GD821 (gold), GR732 (green), BL213 (blue), WT904 (white)

under natural light

DSC04905 DSC04904

under indoor lighting

DSC04915 DSC04914

my conclusion after the swatches… as much as I like them – texture, consistency, colors – they are too similar to my NYX JEPs to buy. Except for the green – which to me is more cyan - (GR732)… that I’m really liking… sigh… I’m sooooo hopeless.

mm es palettes 1

under natural light

DSC04908 DSC04907

under indoor lighting

DSC04918 DSC04917

impressions :

GR750 – the dark blue is really a dark dark dark navy blue… in the pics, it looks black… I like the darker green in this palette but not enuh to buy it.

BR751 – love the lavender/purpley colors in this palette… very tempted to get this. But then I’m a sucker for purple so…

mm es palettes 2

the swatches are switched around – ie PK740 first then BR742

under natural light

DSC04911 DSC04910 

under indoor light

DSC04920 DSC04919

impressions :

PK740 – I really like the blue shade at the bottom right. It has slight purple undertones and looks so pretty and iridescent. tempting tempting…

BR742 – not my type of shades… enuff said

btw, the two darkest colors, the PK740 is more chocolatey brown than the BR742 which is more of a dark grey shade.

conclusion… I still don’t know what I wanna buy… can I get them all?? sponsorship anyone? LOL!