Friday, February 06, 2009

Swatch Post – Storybook People

Its rare that after swatching, I go to sleep and dream of colors and rainbows and beautiful painted eyes… but it happened last night. This collection of colors were just so vibrant and lovely in their little bags… and when swatched… well, I’ve got no complaints… you can put them on sheer or pack on the color. Just magical…

They’re only available until Feb 13th… so get your orders in quick!! *I am so tempted to get another sample set, just as a backup… just like the Cindy collection… which was another fab collection of colors*

*left to right, top to bottom*

DSC04464  DSC04465

Stories of Glory, Monsters Mean Nothing, Necessary Laughter, Whimsical Destiny, The World Needs You

Basking In Sunshine, Delicious Adventure, Vampires Tap Dancing, Leprechaun Scandal, Living with Flowers

DSC04476 DSC04470 

Watching for Turtles, Feathers and Crayons, Fairies and Freaking, Barefoot is Bliss, Filling in the Blanks

Lured by Life, Experience Everything, Silly Rabbit, Unicorns in Love, Take a You Day


and here’s a shot of my arm… just for laughs :)

Hmm.. just went looking for my Cindy swatches (July 08 LE)… and have decided to repost them… for my own reference :P


I think I’ve gotten better at doing swatches.. what do you think? *giggle*