Sunday, February 22, 2009

Recent finds…

Went back to our old ‘haunting’ ground (ie where we used to live) and looked around last Saturday. Things have stayed the same while changing. But isn’t that how life is often?

Anyways, chanced upon Japan Home (its a japanese household shop) and found these…

DSC04582 DSC04583

The inside of these glasses is smooth and really just nice to be used as a swirly bowl… and they look so pretty. The best part about this is… its only SGD1.20/USD0.77!!!!

I didn’t get any as I’m pretty happy with the swirly bowl I already have :P

Then I found this…


wanna guess what its for? I’ve been hunting high and low for something similar ever since Enkore mentioned it on one of his videos…


It makes a great brush drying rack. LOL! can’t remember the price now but it was definitely less than SGD5/USD3.23.. and it came in blue/yellow/pink. So now I have my very own brush thingamabob. I’ve been using all kinds of towel/box configurations which has been slowly driving me nuts.

And now down to the real reason why we went back to our old stomping grounds…

DSC04579 DSC04581 

This has gotta be the best Chicken Chop noodles in Singapore. Everyone in my family loves it. My eldest specifically asked for it as he knew we had the car that day and could travel further. My two youngest probably don’t remember it but when it was served to them… well… they’ve not eaten that fast in a while… I know I enjoyed my plate… yummm….

*edited to add... for those Singaporeans who want to try this... its at Blk 406 Sembawang Drive... keena scolded for not telling people.. sigh*

Last random find…

this one was from a bakery near my house… I thought the description was just so… *fill in the blanks*


the chinese words phonetically sounded says “oh ba ma chocolate”