Friday, January 02, 2009

Violet Copper...

First up... HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone... life really caught up with me. Spent quite a few days clearing out my sitting room and study. Loads was thrown, more was given away, furniture got moved... toys got sorted. Tired out but glad the job is more or less finished. The rooms look much better now, in my opinion... but hey, I'm biased! LOL!

My girl got her ears pierced last Friday... she's been bugging us to get them done for like a month. It was the parents that were waffling... I dare not even watch it happen. Yeah I know.. I'm just a chicken!

I've done a couple of eotds over the last weeks.. even tried to do a photo tute... LOL. Anyways, here's a silkmineral eotd for now...



NYX JEP in yoghurt
Pink Copper - patted all over lid

Violet Sparks - outer corner/crease and lower outer liner
Fine Gold - highlight and lower inner liner
(swatches can be found here)
Was pleasantly surprised at how nice pink copper turned out. Don't normally use such a pink tone on my eyes (makes them look rather puffy) but this one was nice. It seemed to bring out my e/liner tattoo too, if you notice. Cos I didn't line my upper lid at all but the lashes look fuller than usual.
Violet sparks didn't give me the color intensity I expected. But it worked well as a more understated look... not quite what I was going for... but then you sometimes don't get what you plan right? as long as it looks ok.. who cares?
Fine Gold was too yellow for me... in all honesty. I wouldn't ever use it on my lower lash line again... and I'd probably use it v. v. sheerly the next time. Used way too much this time and had to blend it out to tone it down.
On the whole, still happy with this range of e/s in terms of texture... its sooo easy to blend... can't believe it... sigh...