Monday, February 20, 2012

The PIRATE collection - eye shadows from the Lolita Group

Many of you, particularly Voxers, know that I love mineral makeup... especially colorful eyeshadows. Admittedly, mineral eyeshadows take some getting used to in terms of techniques and application methods but to me the payoff and the fact that they are basically never expiring as long as you keep them dry, makes it all worth while.

When Jo from LolitaGroup posted this pic on her wall... I was rather attracted... sparkles have always called to me...

so you can imagine my excitment when she passed me a set of samples... time to swatch and to try them out!

Without further ado... here are my pics...

first up, these were swatched dry and without a primer/base - from left to right, top to bottom - Golden Age, Pirate Bay, Treasure Island, Parley, Treaties, Protocol and Truce

to me, it was rather 'meh' at this point... and I was a little disappointed to be honest. But its so silly to think this way when most if not all mineral eyeshadows require a nice sticky base to make them show their "true colors". 

so here they are on a transparent base (my all time fav - Monistat)... see the difference? Love the sparkles to be honest... so *bling bling*. Just nice for the festive season ahead.

If you don't like them, simply blend the colors out and they'll drop off. But be sure to have a layer of loose powder under your eyes to ease the clean up. :P

on a black base (NYX Jumbo eyepencil in Blackbean). I like how they look so jewel like here... especially Protocol, a really gorgeous burple... blue/purple. 

and last but not least... on a white base (NYX Jumbo eyepencil in Milk) - this one I had to post two different shots cos, to me, there are differences in the way the eyeshadows look... but aren't they pretty?

on white, Pirate Bay comes into its own as a golden yellow...  

Overall, my favourite color has to be Golden Age. It makes a really nice highlight if you're doing an all out EOTD. If you're just looking for a quick pick me up, it works well as an all over lid color together with a quick dash of eyeliner. the other color that I find myself reaching for fairly often is Treasure Island. Its a brown with a reddish tinge to it (i'm horrid at color descriptions!) I love using it as a quick crease color. I find it works with most of the colors that I use most regularly - purples and blues. 

In terms of lasting power, these eyeshadows should take you through a work day of 7-8 hours comfortably. But I did experience some creasing after that point.

DISCLAIMER :while I am friends with Jo and have received this as a freebie, it does not in any way affect my review of these eyeshadows. As ever, my thoughts on these are as honest and open as I can be. She knows I'll tell her directly if there's something I totally dislike about these! I have many times before on other products. :P